There is a growing interest in the Arts and Crafts movement stimulated by regular features in Interior Design and Antiques Collecting magazines as well as TV programmes. People who are interested in nineteenth century style will be familiar with terms such as Shaker, Gothic, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts or Art Deco. Not everyone will find the time to take their interest further to learn more about the roots of these styles and the ideas upon which they were based. This section gives you a brief history.

Most people will have heard of William Morris and will recognise Morris fabrics and wallpapers as classics of Arts and Crafts design. Whilst Morris is often seen as the father of Arts and Crafts, the roots of the movement which he established grew in the revival of Medieval and Gothic styles and it was Ruskin and Pugin who were the key figures in this revival, long before Morris.

The Arts and Crafts movement grew from a desire to bring back the skill and creativity of the medieval craftsman and revive the simplicity and honesty in the way buildings and furnishings were made. This section of the web-site will tell you more about the roots of the movement. The Key Dates page will help to set the timescale. And if you want to read about Arts and Crafts in more depth, the Reading page lists some useful books.