The Arts and Crafts movement developed through a period of almost fifty years, and some of its various branches are described in this section of our site.

The Guild of Handicraft, The Glasgow School and the Cotswold School are among the best known Arts and Crafts branches but there were others. As well branches in the form of Guilds or Schools there were other smaller artistic communities such as Newlyn and Keswick which specialised in metalwork which also made a significant contribution.

Other branches of the movement can be identified with individual designers, Archibald Knox is perhaps the most revered at the moment, but there are others such as Leonard Wyburd who, like Knox designed for Liberty and Ambrose Heal who designed for Heal and Son. In ceramic design William De Morgan, the Martin Brothers and William Moorcroft are perhaps the best known and there is enormous interest from collectors for their work.

Individual companies also generated their own style which can be recognised as a branch of the movement. Liberty and Co created their world famous Liberty Style in furnishing and decorative art. The furniture companies Heals in London and Shapland and Petter in Barnstaple designed and manufactured superb items of furniture some of which recognised as classics of design.

Perhaps the most significant branches are those established by the great architect designers Charles Francis Annesley Voysey and Hugh Mackay Ballie Scott. Each made a significant impression on the movement at the turn of the century and there is now increasing appreciation for their work from public galleries and private collectors.

The development of the Arts and Crafts movement in America is well documented on USA based websites but pages on the American movement will be included for this site in the future.

As you will see the Arts and Crafts movement was rich and diverse, and we have covered only a small part. We will be adding further items here in the future and welcome contributions to branches which are not well documented here. If you would like to contribute, please contact us.