The Antique Trader at the Millinery Works

The Antique Trader at the Millinery Works.

This Islington based centre is one of the most proactive centres for Arts and Crafts in London and the depth of knowledge and the real enthusiasm which this gallery brings to exhibitions makes them essential viewing . Printed catalogues with illustrations are published for each exhibition.

The gallery has organised several exhibitions in recent years including the highly acclaimed 'In the Glasgow Style' which included significant pieces from George Walton, Earnest Archibald Taylor, George Logan as well as other members of the Glasgow School.

Other exhibitions have specialised in Heals,in Liberty's furniture and artefacts, in The Cotswold School, and a particularly interesting exhibition in June 1999 focussed on 'The Arts and Crafts Chair'.

There is always a good stock of furniture and decorative items on view, and the Antique Trader is highly commended.

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